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For 2019/20, I have set myself a goal of 13 races, from 1 mile to full marathon, on 5 different islands.

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Well, 2019 has been an amazing year of running adventures so far and there is still more to come, even into the first month of the New Year. In early June, I ran a half marathon on the remote Easter Island in the South Pacific – a fantastic sporting, cultural and sightseeing experience on an island renowned for its mysterious Moai statues. In September, my next island visit took me to Sao Miguel in the Azores for 4 very different races. The scenery was absolutely spectacular, including a 17k run on a forest trail and one of the most challenging half marathons I have ever run, climbing to the rim of a volcano, running around it before descending into the crater, which was so vast it held 2 lakes and a small town! And then October saw me run, and complete, my first full marathon for over 7 years, finishing in the beautiful city of Venice. See the ‘Latest News’ page for what is coming next!

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