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For 2019, I have set myself a goal of 10 races, from 5k to full marathon, on 4 different islands.

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ill titleLatest News

In 2019, my goal is to complete a ‘4 Island’ challenge, 10 races in total, varying in distance from 5k to full marathon, taking place on, or finishing on 4 separate islands. The full schedule is listed below, and for this challenge, I will be raising money for a different charity, ‘International Animal Rescue’ (see Fundraising page for details).

Date Race Country
02/06/2019 Easter Island half marathon Chile
16/09/2019 Ponta Delgada 5k Azores
17/09/2019 Sete Didades Volcano half marathon Azores
18/09/2019 Furnas Hot Springs 6.5k Azores
19/09/2019 Serra Tronquiera 17k Azores
27/10/2019 Venice Marathon Italy
21/11/2019 Coral Beach 6k time trial Cyprus
22/11/2019 Akamas 11k hill run Cyprus
23/11/2019 Akamas multiterrain half marathon Cyprus
24/11/2019 10k Paphos City run Cyprus
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ill_1Talks to Clubs and Societies

I have given a number of illustrated talks on my running adventures to groups such as running clubs, U3As, WIs and Rotary Clubs. Please contact me via this website for further details.