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For 2019/20, I have set myself a goal of 13 races, from 1 mile to full marathon, on 5 different islands.

Running Hot and Cold

Can We Run With You Grandfather Cover


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arrow 02-07-12 Redditch Grandad Forced to Flee South African Elephant Stampede
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arrow 28-03-08 Grandfather Celebrates his 60th Birthday with a 120 Mile Run
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arrow 19-08-04 Lecturer Set For A 'Wild' Marathon - A Totally Tropical Race!
arrow 15-01-02 Running Hot and Cold
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arrow 03-12-01 Runner Set To Take On Blinding Ordeal (Headline)
Lecturer Facing Chilly Marathon (Story)
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Doug Keeps Fit - By Cycling In A Sauna! (Story)
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