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For 2019/20, I have set myself a goal of 13 races, from 1 mile to full marathon, on 5 different islands.

Running Hot and Cold

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arrow 29-03-18 Redditch runner Doug Richards finishes his remarkable seven continent challenge for charity in Antarctica
arrow 01-02-18 Redditch grandfather to complete a lifetime ambition of running on each of the planet’s seven continents
arrow 26-04-16 Runaway Success Doug Scoops Prestigious Award for Very First Book
arrow 16-11-15 Redditch Man Doug Richards Up For Top Prize in Prestigious 2016 Running Awards
arrow 26-11-14Runner Races Through Heat to Raise Cash
arrow 20-11-14Doug Returns From Myanmar Run
arrow 01-10-14Adventurous Doug is on the Run Again
arrow 24-10-13 Intrepid Redditch Grandfather Returns From Arctic Adventure
arrow 07-10-13 Doug Sets Himself a Chilly Challenge
arrow 18-07-13 Doug is on the Run Again For a Fantastic Cause
arrow 28-06-12 Runner Doug's Wild Adventure in South Africa
arrow 20-04-12 Doug is on the Run for Good Cause Again
arrow 09-03-05 Triumph For Doug
arrow 16-02-05 Doug On The Run Again For Cause
arrow 27-10-04 Celebrity Auction
arrow 25-08-04 Doug's On The Road Again
arrow 13-02-02 Half A Marathon A Whole World Away
arrow 28-11-01 Doug's Set For Chilly Reception
arrow 30-08-00 Doug Does It Again!
arrow 14-06-00 Marathon Doctor off To China
arrow 20-11-99 Doug Is Racing To Raise Money
arrow 10-07-99 Sound Idea For Marathon Man
arrow 14-04-99 Doug Beats Sands Of Time In Desert
arrow 07-04-99 Hot To Trot For Marathon Man
arrow 27-01-99 Desert Dash For Charity
arrow 11-11-98 Desert Date for Fund-Run Doug
arrow 26-08-98 Mad Doug Aims To Beat Sahara (Headline)
Mad Doug Aims To Beat Sahara (Story)
arrow 12-11-97 Sands Wait For Doug
arrow 15-10-97 Doug's An English Man In New York
arrow 13-08-97 'Mad' Doug and Englishmen